Virtual Birthday Parties

We make online parties so easy all you have to do is invite your friends and show up to party!

Choose One Of Our Ready Made Parties Or Have Us Create One For You...

an adult must be present for party attendees age 5-12
Here's What's Included In Each Themed Party

Hostess With The Mostest
Personalized Digital Party Invites
Personalized Digital Thank You Cards (BASIC)
Event Reminders 
Digital Themed Party Favors
Personalized Themed Background
Pre-Party Page
Party Supply List
Themed Party Activities
Private Zoom Party Room
Digital Themed Group Party Photo
**Additional Fees May Apply For Parties Above 20 Guests**

(additional fee and are subject to availability)

Party Memory Highlights Video Reel - $50
Send Animated Digital Thank You Cards  - $15
Send Physical Party Swag Box  - pricing varies
Send Physical Photo Booth Thank You Cards - $8 per guest

Party Like A Hero

This Superhero themed party is for boys and girls (and parents too). Grab your super hero mask and cape to go on an adventure

Party Run Time: 60 minutes

starting at $350 with access for 20 guests

Too Sweet Cookie Party

Bake some sweet treats to share with your family and eat with your friends

Party Run Time: 60 minutes

starting at $350 with access for 20 guests 

Shimmy Shake Party

Show your friends your best dance moves and shake a tail feather during this fun dance party!

Party Run Time: 60 minutes

starting at $350 with access for 20 guests

Hollywood Games Party

Lights, camera action! You're the star in this fun filled party. Team up with friends to see who wins the Game Night Crown!

Party Run: 60-90 minutes

starting at $350 with access for 25 guests


Ella is your Showstopping Experience Designer ready to give you, your child and their guests a super fun party experience! 

Ella is the mommy of a 4 year old who'll be 5 in April. When a child's party in her son's classroom was canceled due to the corona virus, she thought, "No little should have to lose their birthday party this year to something they don't understand." With her son's birthday just around the corner, she decided to flip the script on the lockdown and create a party experience not just for her son, but for other little boys and girls as well.

Ella's background as a professional entertainer and music teacher will be in full effect as she helps you plan your online party, create invitations, welcomes in your guests, and hosts your event so that all your littles have a party they enjoy and remember.

Here's The A's To Your Q's

Where & How Is This Party Happening?
We'll be using a great platform called Zoom to host your child's super fun online birthday party. So you'll be able to party right from you're own home. Your party guests will be logging into your private Zoom Party Room where all the fun and festivities will take place.
I'm Not Technical. Do I (My Guests) Need Any Special Equipment For This Party?
I'll be your resident nerd so you and your guests won't have to go crazy learning tech. All you'll need is a phone or a laptop and a good internet connection to get into the Zoom Party Room. 
Will We (My Guests) Need Any Other Supplies?
We've made sure to create themes that require minimal extra supplies. Once you've chosen your theme, we'll let you know what extra supplies you'll need. We'll also send the supply list to your guests as well.
How Will I Invite My Guests?
We want to make this as easy peasy for you as possible. Once we've chosen your a date, a theme and settled the particulars, Online Birthday Parties will do the heavy lifting of getting all the party deets to your guests.
What About Gifts?
We get it! Gifts are a totally fun part of any party...the giving and the getting. Your party can roll how you'd like: Activies only or it can include Gift Time. If you'd like to include Gift Time in your child's party, we'll help you get that set up so parents can get gifts to you as close to party time as possible.
Is This Just For Kids & Birthdays?
We've got parties for older kids and adults in the works! Got a party you'd like us to throw for ya, get in touch with us:
Do Parents Have To Attend?
Short answer is Yes. Because you will be attending the party virtually in your home, parents are required to be present for children 12 years and younger. Besides, parents are gonna want to get in on the action of our super fun activities.
How Long Is A Party?
Depending on your party package, parties run 1 hour or 90 minutes.

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